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Real vs. Fake Adidas zip up jacket. How to spot original Adidas superstar hoodies.

0:16 The front logo
0:40 The arm stripes
1:12 The zippers
2:24 The pockets
3:17 The main label
3:58 The care instructions tag
4:56 The sleeves and waist
5:44 The inner stitchings

1.The original Adidas jacket costs between 150-200 euros, fake 20-70 euros. Please note that the pictures in the online environment may be real, please refer to the return of the site.

2. The authentic Adidas jacket has a fixed label (top inside) showing: company logo (carefully check the size, print quality, logo distance and font, also check if the stitch is evenly and rightly stitched), measure ex: XL , country of origin ex: MADE IN CHINA (capital letters). Some models may vary depending on year or style.

3. The detachable label should not be missing and shows: FRONT- the company logo, carefully inspect the letter d, the top corner must be perfectly aligned with the first square of the logo, the letter i must penetrate the second square of the logo. REAR – the jacket model and the style number. If this detachable label does not exist, then you are confronted with a fake.

Note that the style number must be the same as the one on the fixed inner label, if this number does not match the jacket is not original.

4. The new Adidas jacket features inside the left side of the applied label shown below. Some models may vary depending on year or style.

5. The original Adidas has several interior labels. The latest lowest tag shows the AA1369 style number. If this number is not identical to the number on the detachable Adidas jacket tag is fake.

6. Inspect the company logo carefully, the letter d the top corner must be aligned perfectly with the first square of the logo, the letter i must penetrate the second square of the logo.

7. Buy only from official stores.

Adidas Brand is known worldwide for its quality \u0026 style in apparel and shoes. Today you get the counterfeit product of almost every single brand and the worst part is they look exactly the same. But if you know a few tricks, you can easily develop a discerning eye that can catch a difference between the fake \u0026 real one.

Here are a few tricks to identify the fake Adidas products:

1) Logo - There is two official Adidas logo:

You will always find the fake products embezzling with the logo, for instance, definable stripes on trefoil or three bars in ascending order instead of descending.

2) Spelling - The Adidas spelling is intentionally written wrongly like adidos, or abibas to astray buyers.

3) Serial number - Real Adidas shoes have different serial numbers on the right and left shoe, fake doesn't.

4) Finishing - The fake products have low-quality finishing like shoddy stitching, an uneven pattern which you won't find in original Adidas one.

5) Ridiculously cheap - Original Adidas products never come at the cheap price, and if you are getting one then there are more chances that the product is fake.

I always prefer online shopping for brands as they sell original products, have flexible payment option and refundable policy.

Inspect the jersey material. Authentic material feels durable and appropriate for the sport for which it's meant to be worn. Counterfeit items use cheap polyester on the majority, or entirety, of the jersey. The material may also be a polyester mesh, common in football and basketball jerseys, but one that lacks durability and quality.

Inspect the jersey's stitching. Authentic Adidas jerseys have meticulous stitch work that is strong, with even spacing between stitches. Logos and team emblems will not have any frayed thread. Badges are sewn down, not heat pressed, and the stitching is visible on the inside of the jersey.

Inspect the serial tag. All Adidas jerseys have a serial code on a tag on the inside of the garment. The tag and serial code is unique to each individual jersey.

Learn the prices of authentic jerseys. Do not purchase from online stores located in Asia that sell jerseys at "cheap, wholesale prices." Most or all of these sites sell fake jerseys. Authentic jerseys will cost more than $30, and sometimes much more, depending on the sport.

Buying your products from Adidas Online shop or official retailers is the best way to make sure they will be authentic.

If you buy them in other places, like in flea markets, street vendors or internet sellers, the chances they will be fake are greatly increased.

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xezl : thats the exact jacket i have i was wondering if its fake cuz of the zip , it wasnt the adidas logo but it had ykk so yeah im happy now
Ave Vuela : Soy el unico que abla español :v ????
Aloha : The fake looks good tbh
darius : In this moment I wear a adidasi hoodie
Fathan Abda : I have ac milan adidas hoodie, it looks good on the quality, but it doesnt have the date when the product was made, it only have the instruction label


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Marga MotoVlog : ko aku jatuh cinta sama motor nya ya. wkwkwk
Ferry Pradana : Mantapzzzz kawan cinematic nya... Nonton sambil ngoppi

Seminar Akhir Mahasiswa S1 Matematika. Ruang Elenberg & Maclane

Valerian Pratama : Buat yang di livechat nanya terapannya: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eilenberg%E2%80%93MacLane_space#Applications :D
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Valerian Pratama : Tidak ada, sayangnya :(




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